FABRICATE – Top 5 UK Hip Hop album débuts of 2014


Philli & Dotz LP ARTTwo increasingly iconic hip hop artists who’ve admirably demonstrated their superior lyrical skills for over a decade, Si Phili, acclaimed for his world-renowned releases with the Phi-Life Cypher collective, joined forces with rap battle champion Dom Dotz to form Phili ‘N’ Dotz. The resulting product, the début Phil ‘N’ The Dotz, was received across major hip hop forums as one of the freshest home-grown releases of 2014.

Featuring the productive expertise of some of UK hip hop’s most celebrated beat makers; Leaf Dog, Pete Cannon, Bad Habitz, Richy Spitz and Passion Hifi as well as lyrical contributions from the likes of legendary artists Blak Twang, Klashnekoff and Verb T, this was a thoroughbred classic which displayed the artists abilities in a revitalizing clear-cut manner, exhibiting verbal finesse which firmly re-established their reputations as expert rap artists. The album is a back to back (blow-to-blow) account which overlooks the past and focuses on the future, resonating as a portrayal of their undying persistence to remain competitors in UK hip hop. Compact full of insights and knowledge only veterans could acquire, this is an album which truly has all bases covered, a model for up-and-coming hip hop artists to aspire to.



An explicit mastery of tongue in cheek lyricism, the London based Problem Child collective dropped the début Confessions Of A Normal Human Being at the end of last July, finishing a long creation process which lasted from 2012 onwards, which gives you an idea of how meticulously this album has been crafted. Demonstrating the verbal prowess of veterans Dabbla, Dubbledge and Illaman alongside Piff Gang producer Sumgii, the release reminded hip hop heads to pay homage to those who paved the path they tread upon. As a fourfold they prove that they are each still reaching their prime, collaboratively producing one of 2014’s most comedic releases which synonymously sustains itself as a real musical masterpiece.

Rich with sporadic accounts of perceptions and experiences encountered, underlined with a fierce animosity for anyone who would dare contest the combined Problem Child expertise, this is an undeniably unique début which demonstrates that hip hop isn’t always meant to be taken seriously, however this doesn’t mean that the wordplay is to be taken lightly. The mature rap trio authoritatively drop knowledge, testing a variety of tempos whilst vehemently spitting outlandish rhymes over intensely structured instrumentals, which are surely one of the most captivating factors of this high octane début. The vivid soundcapes implemented by Sumgii develop into engrossing listening experiences, with a vast range of glitch-driven melodies creating head-bopping tempos both addictive and memorable. Make sure you go check the Fully Fledged VIP remix featuring feat. Dabbla, Buggsy, illaman, Drs, Rawkid, Dubbledge, Onoe Caponoe, Marger, Lunar C, Foreign Beggars & Black Josh for something truly special.




Hailing from Nottingham, it was back before 2013 when Jack Jetson first caught the attention of RLD Records, where he began making an impression within the UK underground with volatile performances across the nation, quickly gaining a formidable fanbase as he developed his début The Adventures Of Johnny Strange which dropped May 12th last year. With the production in the capable hands of RLD co-founder Leaf Dog, and collaborations with alongside him as well BVA and Dirty Dike, the release quickly became one of the most hotly anticipated albums of 2014.

With a charismatic flow Jetson portrays his psychedelic mindstate in the form of forthright multi-syllabic slaughters. He adopts an adept lyrical versatility that is effectively enhanced by Leaf Dog, whose soulful productive traits stir emotions and induce aggro tempos for Jetson to demonstrate his widely compatible flow over 13 stimulating instrumentals. Tracks such as Wonderberry and Strange Ways received a tremendous response from the hip hop community, and served to solidify Jetson’s position as a professional artist who has huge potential to establish an extensive world-wide following. His vivid perceptions are presented on a plate through engrossing narratives depicted with captivating rhymes and an authentic flow.



Before Be Very Aware even came to light, BVA had accomplished more than most concurrent hip hop artists out there, with a worldwide following achieved through his vastly popular features alongside collaborate groups Three Amigo’s, The Four Owls and Brothers Of The Stone, signing to High Focus Records during their early emergence. Aided by the productive expertise of Illinformed, Amdek & Leaf Dog alongside relentless lyrical performances from Leaf Dog, Fliptrix, Verb T, Dirty Dike, Kashmere, Cracker Jon, Smellington Piff as well as Rag N Bone Man, it is one of the few releases of 2014 which could well and truly be deemed a classic.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this release is that the high expectations which had developed over BVA’s extensive performing career were excelled seemingly effortlessly. With an authoritative flow and forthright rhymes BVA bares his soul, relating to everybody alongside him grafting at the bottom of the financial hierarchy. Whether depicting his optimisms or hardships, the aspirational lyrics are both motivational and uplifting, and when he turns his attention to low-lives and sceptics, he adopts a remorseless persona to demonstrate his determinism to progress, advocating wisdom necessary to dismiss pessimism and negativity throughout. Make sure you go check the majority of the album on YouTube from the High Focus playlist here.

‘BE VERY AWARE’ is available for purchase via the HIGH FOCUS website and digitally via ITUNES.


Moreone & Denziller - Morbiddenziller

Morbiddenziller comprises of brothers-in-arms Denziller and Moreone, a London raised rap duo who initially caught our attention on stage back at BoomBap Festival 2013, where they first exhibited their self-titled debut ‘Morbiddenziller’ that was released a year later in May. Featuring multiple high profile beat makers; Sam Zircon, Reklews, 2Late, Rebs, Jonny ‘Suntzu’ Corless, Drae, Inspecta Morze, P.Perez Don Piper and Zep, the release contains a strong diversity of engrossing compositions by some of the nations most increasingly recognisable producers in prominence. They make up a vital attribute which collaboratively ensured that Morbiddenziller made their mark most effectively, and are worthy of much credit in doing so.

Over 11 tracks the release displays spectacular wordplay spoken with professional finesse, two rarely synonymous qualities of a début, depicted with remarkably developed flows for supposed beginners. They both proved to possess impassive determinism and lyrical composure, whether portraying their mature perspectives with thought-provoking rhymes, or purely demonstrating the spectrum of their intelligible wordplay in addictive verses, Morbiddenziller is both raw and compelling, the perfect rap recipe, and is a testament to the hip hop talent ever-emerging from UK shores. Make sure you check the full début from the Bandcamp link below.

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